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Buying A Business

The Tucson area is simply loaded with great business opportunities. Our team understands where the opportunities are, how to find them, seller expectations and goals and what it will ultimately take to sign and finalize a deal.

We realize that buying a business represents a dream come true and a major life altering decision for most of his clients. We respect this fact and strive to find the very best business opportunities for our clients.

Finding the right business means understanding client needs both in the short term and the long term and then finding that client the best options. Buying a business isn’t a multi-faceted process that requires many factors to be considered. A good business broker understands what is involved, what works and what doesn’t and can bring that experience to the table.

–Justin Wines

What is Most Important When You’re Buying a Business?

Buying a business is about far more than negotiating the best price. No doubt negotiations are a key part of buying a business, but quite often purchasing a business is about much more than price, such as what a seller will be required to do after the purchase, employee retention, intellectual property rights, working with suppliers, how the transition period will be handled and a great deal more.

The simple fact is that buying a business can be an all-encompassing affair and one that is best served by having an experienced and capable guide. Strategic Business Brokers Group has helped countless clients find the right business for them, and are eager to do the same for you.

Helping clients figure out financing packages is a key part of how we assist our clients. Financing can often be tricky, as most clients don’t have the full asking price, but there are many creative ways that financing can be successfully addressed. Our team will look at the big picture and help guide you through the process of securing financing and securing the sale.

Business brokers also assist buyers in terms of understanding a seller’s mindset. It is vital to keep in mind that for most sellers, their business is a key part of their life and has been for years or even decades. It isn’t an overstatement that most sellers have a powerful attachment or even love of their business. What surprises many buyers is just how much love sellers often have for their business. We understand what sellers are thinking and what they want, and already know what businesses are available in the region and the best ways to approach given sellers.

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Working with a business broker, especially a regionally focused business broker, opens up tremendous opportunities for buyers. Every journey can benefit from the assistance of an experienced and qualified guide who has “seen it all before.”

Our goal isn’t to help you find a business. Instead our aim is to help you find the right business that you will meet your needs for many years to come.